Swordigo Guide

Swordigo is not just an adventure game that will test your playing skills but it’s also a puzzle game that will test your mind skills. This Swordigo guide will walk you through the game to complete each level. You will never feel bored playing this game even for hours because of the various challenges that you will face along the way. Plus, there are different settings on each level so your eyes will not get tired of the same background. Download the application and install it on your mobile phone to start the adventure. Learn how to complete your mission with this Swordigo guide. Start playing the game and make your character more powerful to defeat the opponents.

Game Mission

You will play as a blue haired young apprentice that will be chosen by the village elder to protect the village from the evil enemies who would like to conquer them. With your courage and the skills that your master thought you, start your journey in finding the powerful sword that can save the village from the enemies. This will not be that easy because you’ll face different kinds of opponents on each level that will prevent you from finding the sword. There will be a boss on every level that you need to kill to clear the stage.

Complete Each Stage

Since you will be facing stronger creatures as you move to the next game levels, you need to make your character stronger to win over them. Fight the opponents with your weapons, skills and magic spells. Soul shards are used as currency on Swordigo. You will find treasure chests on different levels and locations on the game that contain Soul shards. They are used in purchasing weapons and items that will help you on your battles. As your character gets experience and levels up, you will acquire new skills and spells that will make it stronger. The hearts on top of the game screen will determine the status of your health. They will decrease if you were hit by the opponents. You can go to the healer using the portals to be healed and get your health back or you may use healing potions to make your hero well without having to go back to the healer. The blue bar indicates the level of your mana. Everytime you cast a spell, the bar will decrease. If it gets empty, you will not be able to use your spell. But this will fill up again after a short period. Find treasures to get powerful weapons and potions and kill enemies to increase your experience and acquire new skills and spells.

Swordigo Achievements

There are different achievements that you can complete on the game. Here are some of them and what to do to get them.

  • Treasure Hunter – search for at least 40 treasures on the game.
  • Too Rich – collect 999 of soul shards.
  • Too Fast – Win against the quickest opponent, Slick the Quick.
  • The Destroyer – Break 100 pots.
  • Lord of the Undead – find the magic sword that will save the village.
  • Law and Justice – kill the leader of the bandit, Zak.