Swordigo Great Caves

Back in the day, when Nintendo was the king of video gaming consoles, there was a little old roleplaying game (RPG) that pretty much took the whole gaming world by storm. That game was called Legend of Zelda, where you took hold of a character called Link and used him to rifle through the mazes and puzzles with the objective of finding Zelda, and of course any other trinket and treasures he could get his hands on along the way. The game was huge back then, and it has apparently inspired an array of other games in the same genre. Take Swordigo for example.

A Brief Swordigo Background

Swordigo is one of the most played RPG games nowadays. And it is one game you can’t find on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or on the PC. Yes, Swordigo is only available on iPhones, iPods, and the iPad – devices that have the Steve Jobs stamp of approval on it. And, like its predecessor, it is an RPG with an arcade-style of play where you take control of a character that hacks and slashes with his sword, leveling up as he goes around collecting treasure and solving puzzles. Nope, there is no damsel in distress that you have to save and there seems to be no real objective except treasure hunting and leveling up. Nevertheless, it is one game that can really hold your attention for hours on hours.

The Puzzle of the Great Caves

The great caves is an area that can be accessed later on in the Swordigo game, specifically when you have been able to clear the Greyhedge crossing and the Wastelands, both of which you can access from the Greyhedge village if you swing on to the right. Bear in mind that you will need to have the grapple spell in your arsenal to get through the levels here. Don’t worry, if you have gone through everything, the spell should be available for you to use in time.

Now, once inside the great caves, after collecting whatever treasure you find there, you will be faced with a room that seems to loops regardless of what exit you move to. There are 4 different exits and it is a puzzle of sorts with the torches on the wall as your clues. The only way to figure the puzzle out is by doing a little trial and error. Every time you go through the right exit at the right time, the torch will light up. Keep doing it until you complete the right exist sequence. And should you screw up, don’t fret as you will be able to start from the very beginning as the whole thing resets you to the starting point.

The Spoiler

Now, if you really want to get through this area fast and easy, the best way is to take a peek at the correct exit sequence. So, in order to facilitate your speedy exit out of the great caves simply follow this sequence:

  • Take the top left exit first and you will see the first torch light up.
  • In the next room, take the bottom left exist. A second torch will light up.
  • Take the bottom right exit next and the third torch will illuminate.
  • The next and final exit to take is the top right one and that will lead you out of the great caves.