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Swordigo. Harness the magical powers of ancient swords and mysterious weapons to defeat powerful enemies. Discover mythical realms full of evil creatures, gruesome monsters and many treasures… Upgrade your sword bearer to the fullest, to make him the ultimate crusader! Are you ready to vanquish evil and stop the corruption once and for all? Draw your Swordigo!

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Slash and slice your sword! Jump, dodge and fight your way to defeat the lurking evils in the shadows! Explore the darkest of dungeons, the most traitorous towns and height of towers! It’s all non stop action, with lots of swords, ya?

About the game:

Swordigo is an retro arcade-like game that tells of a great tail of adventure, conquest and legend. In the game, you set out on a journey to save pretty much everything in this mythical world. Keep in mind that you will encounter mysterious and powerful creatures on your quest, and get ready to vanquish them and fight off monsterous creatures and overcome many obstacles in your way. With time, your sword bearer will improve as you’ll upgrade his abilities and enhance his character by the various items you collect as you go. One piece of advice – when the going seems tough, be sure to hold on to that sword because quite frankly.. You’ll need it!